Two [hyphen] ten

The Kills, originally uploaded by SisterSafetyPin.

Big beats to write to lead to big beats to dance to.

Or at least I'm hoping Crown on the Ground - Sleigh Bells translates well at Coachella. I've been thinking of putting together a mix-tape consisting of bands I'm looking forward to seeing at Coachella. Anyone interested? Let me know.

In other news, today I did the mature student thing and went to buy my books from the Hornet Bookstore [We Sac State students are the Hornets.] Which was actually really cool. Originally, I had planned to simply buy my books before class on Monday. After all, I only have one class on my Mon & Wed schedule that doesn't start to 1:15. However, not having anything else to do today and kind of wanting to at least acquaint myself with the classes I'm going to be taking... I got them today.

Over the course of my shopping, I ran into a fellow festival junkie that also happens to be an Ani DiFranco fan. Of course, we traded quick festival stories and I was once again told that I /need/ to get to Burning Man. To which I of course, admitted that I wasn't sure I could hack Burning Man. Her response? Pish Posh! Well not really, but it all boils down to that. I'll get there eventually, it's on the list.

But back to the books, I entered the bookstore with the solid estimate of $257 for my books. I left the bookstore having spent only $230, with $20 of those dollars having been spent on misc. things.

It's crazy. At the beginning of this week I was more than a little anxious about this new semester. But oddly enough, with school just a day away, I'm excited.

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