Happy Hippo

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I like my happy hippo-pot-a-mus | Cloud Cult

So..... Good news or BEST news? I think today's news falls somewhere in between, but definitely closer to the best side of the scale.

What news, you ask? Why my grades of course! Because the grades are in, and I did goood this semester.

So yeah... I'm a Happy Hippo right now.

In other news, I've been listening to a lot of older music lately. And by older, I mean simply bands I used to listen to in Jr. High/High school. In particular, Neutral Milk Hotel, Morrissey [even if he's a douche], and Fuel have made a significant come back to my music library.

I think it's kind of funny considering we just ended out the decade and while everyone is looking forward I'm revisiting the past. Not that I doubt the future of music, it just never hurts to remember goodtimes.

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