Brilliantly Union

Brilliantly Union, originally uploaded by SisterSafetyPin.

On the Train

Like on the Road except not.

So after: staying up for about 40 hours | getting 5 hours of sleep | Running around Sacramento and the Campus | going to an SGI planning meeting | getting back home at 9:30pm | Washing – Cleaning – Packing until 11:35pm | and | Waking up at 3:30am…
It’s safe to say I was exhausted once I finally got on the train. What’s more, in the midst of my: washing – cleaning – packing, I took two sleeping pills. I know, crazy. But at the time it made sense, seeing as if I didn’t take the sleeping pills I would have ended up being awake for another 40 hours at least.

By and by, I slept more on the train in then I have any other time coming in. Which, wasn’t a bad thing. I definitely needed the sleep. However, it led to a few crazy dreams. One in particular ended on a definite, ‘huh?’ note.

Ironically, this was one of those dreams where I didn’t even realize I had fallen asleep until I woke up. I was still on the train and still in the same seat. However, a few seats in front of me were a group of men talking about haircuts. I just happen to look at them in annoyance [because they were being loud and I was trying to sleep] when I realize one of the men is a father of an acquaintance of mine. Which was fine, he’s a cool guy and his girlfriend is hilarious. And then I realize they’re talking about haircuts for dogs. To be more precise they’re talking about horror stories of when they took their dogs for haircuts and got hack jobs. The dad in particular says, “You think that’s bad, Alicia and I took our toy puddle for a trim and when we came back he only had an inch of hair! An inch! We’d been growing his hair for 22 years!” Then everyone gasps, muttering about people who have no business cutting hair. Then the dad just nods looking pissed at the memory before he yells: “CURSE THAT LEATHER WEARING HAIRY BALLS!

…Yeah, like I said, it was weirdly random.

So after the hottest bus ride ever… And I mean hot as in heat, not hot as in ‘Damn that was fun!’ I find myself sitting in Union Station waiting for my friend to meet me here. It’s all good of course, because Union is positively a hub of LA.

What do I mean?

I mean, if you sat in one of the undeniably comfortable chairs in the main hall for 5 minutes… You’ll have seen just about every typical California stereotype there is. What’s more, if you’re from California, you’ll also be able to easily pick out the people who are just passing through. The tourist that will either look insanely relieved to be leaving or slightly amazed by the experience

It’s crazy.

And I just got a picture of the most awesome scowl imaginable. All in all, it’s been a good

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