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Is it wrong that I amuse myself? Am I to much in my head? Sometimes I wonder.

I mean, it can't be a good thing that sometimes I'm not sure if I've spoken out loud or simply thought something. And believe me, that happens a lot. And it's NOT amusing when one isn't sure whether you've said something insanely scathing within the hearing range of the person said scathing thoughts/words were spoken near.

However, on the other hand... It does provide me with a constant reel of things I did/said/wrote that I found amusing. That can't be bad. In fact it could be said to be a tad narcissistic, but it's really not! I'm just used to amusing myself!

...And apparently it's gotten a bit extreme...


Bah. I've come to accept my insanity. In fact, if ever I completely realize all of the facets of said insanity I'll write a book. It'll be titled "Dissecting my Crazy." Book reviewers may call it a self-indulging waste of trees. However, with out a doubt it will have a few lovers. After all, there's got to be others in the same boat. High functioning crazy people just trying to figure out exactly how crazy they are. And the book would be amusing. So maybe it wouldn't be immediately written off. After all, everyone likes to read about how crazy other people are. It gives them a sense of security. Relief. It gives them the ability to say, "Oh thank heavens, at least I'm not that bad"

In a way, I'd be doing a public service while providing a wee bit of humor into my self-depreciation. I would be the example to hold up. I would stand there as an example that, yes. Crazy is the new sub-genre of normal. It's ok. I'll walk you through this.... You know, when I'm not being distracted by my own insanity.

Actually, I think when ever I do write and publish "Dissecting my Crazy." I'll add a small blank journal to the back. Or have it sold with a separate journal. The title of course would be, "Dissecting YOUR Crazy." The sub-title will of course be, "Acceptance is the first step to Infinity." The sub-title of course will be confusing to non-crazy people. However, knowing you're crazy doesn't change your crazy. It just means that you acknowledge it and plan on playing it off as a quirk.


Really... the original point of this post was to see if being amused by things I've done in the past made me odd...

Deus. Maybe I should just stick to blogging


Trust me.

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I'm feeling slightly guilty right now and it has nothing to do with the way I shamelessly drown my blog with crappy concert photos.

No no. This guilt is the result of spending the entire Spring Semester quietly hating my favorite professor's TA. [And yes. I am talking about that professor] To compound this guilt, I didn't even have a good reason to hate her. It was just one of those instant on-sight-dislike kind of deals.

Now what is causing me to suddenly by smacked with unwanted guilt? Well, perhaps the fact that I just spent the last 15 minutes talking to her and she's pretty damn cool.

Oh well. I never said my dislike-o-meter was mistake proof.