I'm so tired, of playing...

Playing with this bow and arrow...
Gonna give my heart away,
Leave it to the other girls to play...
For I've been a Temptress, to long

Portishead, originally uploaded by nicolemonet2002.


I find myself incapable of understanding people who aren't completely consumed by it. Listening to the chords, the drum beat, the voice singing over the melody...

Perhaps people are able to ignore the addiction simply because they have never experienced it live? Or maybe it's simply, because people find themselves addicted to a lesser demons such as the television or movies. I don't know.

All I know is that music consumes me the way some people are consumed by heroin. Once hooked, it's impossible to let it go. To remember a time before there was music. If there ever was such a time. It courses through my blood and creates the beat of my heart. And with out it?

I'd die.


They build buildings so tall these days...

1 am and I'm still wake.

Nothing out of the norm there. I decide.... What the hell, it's Friday, technically Saturday. The roommate's gone for the weekend. Why not a late night beer and cigarette? I get my beer from it's hiding place...No need for the roommate to be sneaking drinks. Sorry kid.

I decide to smoke outside. I open the door and...


Did I enter Silent Hill?

My apartment's on the top floor, even if that's only three stories up. And. I can't see the building next to mine. The ground is barely visible. All I can see clearly is the very thick white mist. I can feel it prickling on my skin.

And I'm amazed. It's the stuff mystery and horror books are made off.

I'm stuck staring at it.

Really... the most interesting things happens at night when all the sane people of the world are sleep.



Interesting day.

Like always it started with a massive cup of coffee. Unlike always... that cup of ambrosia led to a very painful stomach ache... Oh well. No pain, No gain.

However, despite my body deciding it would rather drink anything but coffee... I went to class today. Which, is quite the accomplishment even if the only reason I went was to drop of Homework that I've had for two weeks... And did last night.

I even managed to catch the bus to the post office so I could mail off my Secret Santa gift... 4 days to late.

Really it's becoming increasingly obvious that I've got a serious problem with procrastination. What's more, all of my best ideas come to me when I have no desire to write them down. Much in the same way some people's best ideas only come to them while high. If you think about it, we probably could have solved most of the worlds problems by now if we simply recorded our best ideas the minute they happened.

If nothing else... I'd have finished at least one book by now.

Oh well. It'll happen. Eventually.


One week

Until school is out for the semester. Until I find out whether never actually going to class will have me lying about my grades during the holidays. Until, good or bad I'll be done with school for two months.

5 finals 4 classes 3 I'll attend 4 tests I'll take

All and all. As weeks go... This one's not so bad. It's next week that will kill me. Mainly because I'll start cramming sometime around Saturday night.

Not the best stratagy. However, since I'm not the best student I'd say there's a good chance it'll work...And an equally good chance I wont be getting that car should it all go to hell...



In the begining there was...

...Freezing cold weather and Queen's Innuendo playing in the background of my laptop.