Things I Learned Today: Take 3

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Today wasn't a remarkable day. Actually, if I were being honest I'd say my day only started 5 hours ago. So perhaps to call it unremarkable is perhaps a bit hasty. However, despite my late start to a day that's been going since 12am, I have learned a few things.

1. I really do love Sacramento.

That's not to say I don't still really love LA, I did grow up there after all. Yet, that very fact is part of my point. LA represents my childhood and all that entails. Good times, bad times, desperate times, great times; LA had them all. And with the majority of my family condensed in that city, I would always be a child there.

That's why I love Sacramento. It's no LA, by far. However, If I find myself in need of a big city, San Francisco, is less then 2 hours away. To put it simply, Sacramento, with all of it's quirks officially represents my intro into adulthood. Freedom. With all of the ups, downs, laughing fits, crying fits, and good times that entrails. I guess one could argue that this isn't necessarily a new revelation. So let's just say, it was something that I suddenly knew with certainty.

2. I really, really, REALLY like Zambezi: Frozen Yogurt & Wild Salads.

Seriously, love. I'm not sure if Zambezi is a chain food place or not, but I DO know that it is ridiculously delicious. What kind of food could expect to find there there? You ask. Well obviously, frozen yogurt. However, by frozen yogurt, Zambezi means 8 different flavours and 70 different self serve toppings. But I digress, I can't proclaim to love Zambezi for their frozen yogurt [despite how hot it is out here, I haven't tried it.] No, no... My cup runneth over with love because of their salads. Let's just take a gander at what a salad from this place entails:

The Zambezi [House Salad]: Spring Lettuce Mix, Red Grapes, Candied Roasted Walnuts, Blue Cheese Crumbles, & fat-free Raspberry Vinaigrette. If you trust me on nothing else, trust that each bite of that salad was utterly amazing. Which is why I went back today and got the 1/2 salad 1/2 sandwich combo. Same salad, turkey sandwich, bottle of apple juice... It was little like heaven.

Of course, that means I had to apply there. The place is just to good and entirely to close to my new place [only three houses down.] Meaning I'll spend way to much money there otherwise.

3. My stomach has shrunk dramatically.

I broke my fast yesterday around 2:30pm. Not because I suddenly, broke and gave into the hunger. My hunger was non-existent after Saturday. No, I broke the fast because I became increasingly concerned with how complicated breaking a longer fast would be. That may sound a little odd, but an extended water fast if not broken extremely slowly and properly could lead to extreme health problems. So, with out much adieu I broke it yesterday with the knowledge that I'd be doing another one soon.

However, I've noticed that since the fast I don't really get hungry. I've also noticed that I get full insanely quickly. Yesterday all I ate was the Zambezi salad. A normal sized dinner salad, that took me two sittings to finish. Today after only a couple bites from both the salad and sandwich, my stomach was sending up a white flag in surrender. It's crazy.

4. Lastly, Public Service Announcements [slash] Warnings, need to be a tad more clear. [And by a tad, I mean quite a bit.]

It really makes no sense to interrupt the music listening of almost everyone in NorCal for a PSA, if no one is going to be able to understand what cataclysmic [or extremely minor] thing we're being warned about.


I'm The Last Splash

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"Spitting in a wishing well 
Blown to hell crash 
I'm the last splash "

        Cannonball - The Breeders

At 12 am Friday morning, I started something. By 12 am Saturday, I was pretty sure I was in hell. By 12 am Sunday I was... strangely ok. What have I done? I've started a water fast.

It's been without a doubt, an experience. I've waited 3 days to even really mention it to people, because even up until 10:30 last night I wasn't sure I'd make it to 3 full days. Fasting is both the easiest and hardest thing you could do. You just really have to be able to talk yourself out of freaking out.

Or at least, that's how days 1 & 2 were for me.

Day 1: I drank very little water and read non stop to keep my mind off of the ever present signals my body was sending me. Letting me know it was not amused by the sudden lack of food. It really wasn't that bad until the book I was reading started going into detail about an "insanely delicious" meal. After that, I spent the rest of the day reading other people's experiences with fasting... [And finding out most people wouldn't advice water fasting to a newbie... Oh well.] After I made it two 12am I took a big gulp of water and gave myself a pat on the back. When around 1:40 the hunger pains came back I immediately drank quite a bit more water and went to sleep.

Day 2... I think was a thousand times worse then Day 1. I'm not entirely sure why, but it was. It started out ok, but unlike Friday where I barely drank any water... On this day, the second my stomach no longer had water in it the most intense hunger came over me. I'm not sure whether that was mental or not. Especially since the one real thought going through my mind during this time was something along the lines of.. "This is bogus... I've already done one full day, that's enough... The Am/Pm on the corner has food... You have coffee" ... Yeah. Like I'm sure I've said quite a few times already I'm sure... Mind game. During those times, I'd usually kind of just force my mind to slow down and relax. Then once the panic was gone, I'd drink quite a bit of water. It was insane, because by 10:30 pm I was sure I was going to end this at 12am. I was absolutely sure that by the time Sunday had officially came I would have already been halfway to the am/pm on the corner, with a pot of coffee brewing in my apartment.


Day 3 aka Today. started with me oddly calm. As in absolutely no hunger at all. Not even a distant twinge. It was odd, because I was suddenly feeling really at ease. Really aware. I just lied down and thought for a while. I guess I became a bit introspective, because the next time I looked at the clock it was 1:40am. Then I noticed my muscles were slightly sore, kind of sensitive to the slightest touch. I figured, ketosis was starting. I'd read there was a feeling similar to being high when it first started, so I wasn't really surprised. However, shortly after the good feelings came... The went and left fierce nausea in it's place. Not cool. So to sleep I went, still feeling oddly peaceful even with the slightly upset stomach.

So that was this morning! [I know, I know Stop using "SO"!] This is now, 2:48pm Day 3 and still no real hunger to speak off. I dig it. If this keeps up I'll just stick with the fast to see how long I'll last.


A Cavallo

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An overcoat
Will take me anywhere
                The First Song - Band of Horses

So in a strange twist from the utter giddy emotions that were earlier this day... I find I've entered quite suddenly [or rather slowly eased into and suddenly realized I'd entered] that strange grouping of emotions that one usually only sees on comfortable rainy days or perfect summer afternoons. It's the mental frame of mind that stories are written too. Oddly enough, this time is usually met with the perfect song to accompany it. The song in fact is usually the device in which one realizes the mood has fallen on them.

It's nice.

It's the kind of mood that's perfect for a sweet cup of coffee and a small piece of chocolate. Or maybe a hot cup of tea and a good book? Either way moments like these are usually fleeting once one realizes it's presence and especially difficult to put to words.

So I'll just go get my coffee and enjoy what's left of it.

ATTN: Universe

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I approve of this day.

This day, much like any other day that ends with d-a-y had the equal potential to be either unremarkable, unbearable, or unbelievably awesome.

And it just so happens, it was my turn to get the unbelievably awesome card.

Like the start of any day with the potential for a shout-out-loud moment of excitement... This one started with a cup of freshly brewed [yes it really makes a difference] coffee, sweetened with just enough Toffee Nut syrup to keep a hint of the coffee's bitter taste there. Then with about as much anxiousness a body can physically hold on to while drinking an amazing cup of coffee, I proceeded to log-in to my gmail account. 

Moment of truth time. For what? You ask To see if I'd passed my background/credit check and was approved for the perfect house. [Perfect = $200 cheaper then previous apartment, actual house, coffee shop two houses away, and even closer to school.] I open the email and... YES! The house is mine and to top it off, the owner is willing to wait for his deposit until I get my Financial Aid!

It's a bit insane. I came out here Monday completely on edge, with out any idea where to even begin my search for a new place to stay. And by Thursday morning I've all but signed a lease. For that alone, I would have sent a thank you card to the Universe.

However, it seems the Universe decided I deserved just a wee bit more. Like always, I now sign out of gmail and boogy on over to hotmail to check that account [Yes, I said boogy.] I sign in and on first glance see nothing remarkable. Then my eyes fall on the subject line of one particular email... Noisettes on Tour in the States.

The NOISEttes... On Tour... In the States? America, fuck yeah!

They'll be in San Francisco next week, with the tickets only $12. Will I be there? Oh hell yes! It's been almost two years since the last time I saw: Shingai, Dan, and Jaime. It would be an absolute insult if I allowed the band that took my Coachella Music and Arts Festival cherry to do a show this close to me and not attend! Not to mention the fact that only the fates know when the next time they'll be State-side, let alone on the West Coast, will be...

So there you have it. In one day I get the all clear on my house and the news that one of my favorite bands will be here next week. Doesn't seem like much I'm sure. But right now? It feels like a nice cold glass of lemonade on this unbelievably warm summer day.


Sisterhood [and the secret handshake] is Powerful

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So, I’ve been thinking [I know, I know. Be careful!] But alas, I’ve been thinking, and I’ve come to the conclusion that we lesbian and gender-queer identified really DO need a secret handshake, a baseball like [is softball more appropriate here?] hand signal, or perhaps we could develop code words meant to be dropped within the first few moments of conversation so that it can be established that yes… We are both friends of Ani [DiFranco] 
  • And isn’t it funny that she’s such a lesbian icon? You know… considering how not a lesbian she is?

Now already, I know what you’re thinking. It’s probably along the lines of, "...wha?" But see, there is a NEED! I’m sure we’ve all experienced at least once that semi awkward moment of wanting to acknowledge a fellow lady lover [in a clearly platonic way], but not exactly sure how to go about it. Resulting in you coming across as either some odd person with a twitch or an incredibly rude problem with staring…. And ok maybe you haven’t had those exact  end results, but still.

Take for example, band shirts and rainbows. YAY rainbows! The universal sign for same sex lovin’! Right? No. Absolutely not. In an age where old is new, and Hot Topic stores trend… The Rainbow has been relocated to the land of has been symbols. It still has it’s meaning, you just have to search really hard to find someone that still cares.

As for band shirts… Well, since when has one’s musical taste been a way to accurately judge someone’s bed partner preference? After all, simply wearing a shirt doesn’t even mean a person likes the band. I mean, the amount of times I’ve heard statements along the lines of, “Oh this is a band? I just like the color/design/caption...” Could make even passing lover of music cry. 

So when I run into a girl with an Uh Huh Her, shirt on… I immediately think, “Lesbian! Yay! Let’s talk about Leisha Hailey, The Murmers, and K.D. Lang!”

Then I pause and think… What if she’s not a lesbian? What if she just likes the band? What if she doesn’t even know it’s a band!? So then there’s an internal sigh. Followed by thoughts along the lines of… Well I’ve glanced at her to many times now I should say something! However, now all I can think of to say is…

“Nice shirt.” Nice shirt! I mean, sure. People love compliments on the clothes they're wearing. After all like Seinfield said, the sole purpose of clothes are to get complements for the people wearing them. However, after all that internal build up ‘nice shirt’ feels like such an anti-climatic thing to say that I end up walking away.

Hence, the need for the handshake.

After all, if there were a handshake then one could immediately bypass any and all uncertainty. You initiate the handshake, if she completes it… You proceed, sister to sister… Because sisterhood is powerful. [And now everyone needs to go read Sister Safety Pin by Lorrie Sprecher so that line can be fully appreciated.]

In the likely chance that the handshake is met with a blank stare… Well first you pretend the handshake was  simply some random bit of nothing. [It’s secret for a reason] Then you could attempt to enter the conversation based solely on enjoying the band’s music.

However, if that is also met with a blank stare… DO NOT ENGAGE! The baffled confusion you’ll be left in, wont be worth whatever answer they give you as to why they’re wearing the shirt in the first place.


I see now this was less an update as a ramble. But really ladies? Stop confusing me.


Ego Tripping at the Gates of Hell

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I wish I had one of my favorite [romance] - [yes yes, I know] books with me right now. There's a line... or rather paragraph in it that could adequately describe the state I'm in right now.

The book? One Degree of Separation

The Author? Karin Kalmaker

The Line [liberally paraphrased]? If I don't start bleeding within the next few days, I'm killing someone... Where's my chocolate?

Ha! Sorry, I know Slight over share... However, things are crazy. I woke up Monday morning to the sudden realization that August 8th was rapidly approaching and I still had no idea where I was going to move! I blame Mark Twain. Why you ask? He assured me that I should continue putting off my search for a new apartment[slash]house as long as possible.

Well I did. And now I find myself with a not so slight migraine trying to figure out who exactly i can con into letting me borrow their car... So I can drive it roughly 750 miles round trip.... As you can imagine? Not an easy conversation. And if that fails? Amtrak!

However no matter what, I need to be in Sacramento by Monday and I need to have a definite place to stay by the end of the following week. All on a budget of... 1 credit card, [hopefully] at least a couple hundred dollars in my bank account, and a prayer.


If I can pass Statistics, I can make this work. Even if it requires an exponential increase in my daily coffee intake.


Edward De Bono

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Sometimes life is a mixed bag and there's simply very little that can expound upon that. This is one of those times. However, I feel like the ultimate slacker having been silent for so long... So I leave you with a photo and a quote. Hopefully, something worthwhile will emerge from this blog sometime within the next few days.

"Never put off until tomorrow what you can do the day after tomorrow." - Mark Twain

...Actually, maybe that's not the best quote to inspire faith in my near return. How about...

"Man invented language to satisfy his deep need to complain." - Lily Tomlin

Wait no! That's not very deep either! How about we settle on this one:

"Humor is by far the most significant activity of the human brain." - Edward De Bono


Today I learned...

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So once again, on this day that ends with d-a-y much like every other day... I have learned something. Quite a few somethings in fact. What? You ask. Enquiring minds want to know! You exclaim.

Well probably not.

However, sitting here with the Black Ghosts playing in the background I'm overcome with the urge to share anyway. So let's begin.

Today I learned:

1. I detest being kidnapped. Or rather, Personnapped. I haven't been a kid since I hit double digits. A little over a decade now.... [Yes yes! You love how I make myself seem older by saying "A little over a decade now" instead of... Since I was 10.] 

  • To be fair. I wasn't personnapped today. In fact, I left with my aunt [somewhat] willingly 2 days ago. However, I left under the impression I would be returned to safety yesterday.... Not kept awake 2 days straight while in the presence of children no older then 4.... So not cool

2. I really don't like children that aren't my own.

  • Well... That's not fair I suppose... I've not had any children. And I don't particularly dislike all children. That would mesh horribly with my future plans to dedicate a year as a volunteer abroad. 
So ok... Slight revision.

2b. I dislike the constant noise associated with unsupervised hyper children. - Not so much a new thing learned, as a.... Thing that I suddenly knew with absolute clarity.

3. If they don't have anything nice to say, I REALLY need to just walk away.

  • Ok once again, this one technically came to me over the past couple of days... But bugger that. It's a huge realization. Arguing[slash]Debating with people with fundamentally different opinions then your own is like shouting at a brick wall; leaving you with a form of mental blue balls. Pissed and completely unsatisfied with the way things ended.
4. I should never again go two and a half days with out sleep or coffee. It's just... not conducive to me being anything remotely like a pleasant person to be around