Opinion Writer vs Professional Blogger

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Are they equal in worth despite the fact that one is getting paid quite a bit while the other writes out of a labor of love?

According to Paul Carr, a man and writer who will now forever [in my mind] be known as the disgruntled Tech Crunch BLOGGER [though I'm fairly certain he prefers the term writer-with-a-published-book-under-my-belt]... The answer is: Absolutely NOT.

NSFW: Jimmy Wales Wants Me Dead

Is the article I'm referencing, and before you ask... NSFW, is apparently the title of Carr's blog... Excuse me, column that just so happens to only be published online.... on a tech blog

First things first, I have to say... I have so many problems with this "article" it's a little ridiculous. Secondly, I'm not sure, but I'm fairly certain that "The Neutrality of this article..." was added after it was originally posted as a disclaimer. [I also find it interesting that the article's url now has marked-for-deletion at the end]

Jimmy Wales is the founder and creator of Wikipedia. Apparently, he made this statement:

“I don’t see the added value [of opinion columnists] and question whether a newspaper should be paying large sums of money for them anymore… The best of the political bloggers are easily the equal of the opinion columnists at the New York Times.” The section in brackets was added by Carr.

And that has offended Paul Carr to the point where he ridiculously named his article, "Jimmy Wales Wants Me Dead." And proceeds to snark about Jimmy's nickname. Which in my opinion, proves Jimbo right.

What purpose do big name Opinion writers serve? They give you their opinion. What purpose do the best political bloggers serve? They give you their opinion. What is the difference between the two beyond the pay check? The blogger doesn't have to answer to an editor with a bottom line and a big wig owner.

In my opnion, which is that of a Journalist major who has spoken to quite a few notable people in the field, the future of reporting is headed increasingly to the web. To journalists creating personal blogs where they impart opinion without being fettered by gatekeepers. Does their degree in journalism diminish in value because they now run a blog? Do you have to have major in journalism in order to be considered a blogger of worth?

According to Carr, the answer is yes. According to the majority of the commenters of this article, Carr is being unreasonably anti.

But don't take my word for it. Read the article and let me know. You may have an alternate view point and I'd love to hear it. And unlike Carr, I promise not to make a separate post to bash your opinion and make fun of your name.


Lost Boy

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It's about time I've given some reference to Corey Haim, the lesser half of my favorite, Corey Feldman. And what better way then a day in which the title aptly applies to me? You know, minus the boy part.

I left the house this morning about two hours after waking up at 12. I had no real goal in mind. I was vaguely hungry though, so I figured I'd hop on the first bus that stopped in front of my house and get off at the first sign of something good.

By the time I got on the bus I'd realized I forgot my ipod and my phone still isn't activated [we'll get to that later]. However, just yesterday I'd dedicated an hour to loading 12 books on my phone so i figured it wouldn't be a total loss.

Halfway into the ride, about 30 minutes later, I realize I'm actually not that hungry but that I'd get off if a diner still serving breakfast came into view. Another 30 minutes later and I was getting off the bus at a local train station. I hadn't found a diner. And the train was delayed by about 20 minutes.

By the time I got off at the train station a few blocks from my house i realized I felt utterly lost. Completely bereft. Without music playing constantly in my ears i felt like I was walking underwater in alien lands. Truly, a walk I usually navigate daily suddenly seemed to stretch on forever as I made my why home.

When I got home I still felt moderately discontent. So I decided to leave again for the Starbucks a few houses down from my house, in the opposite direction from where I had just come. I didn't want coffee, but I did need something.

As soon as I walked into the room, i felt the air-conditioner and saw two of my favorite baristas. I ordered a Venti Iced Soy Green Tea latte. It had been a while since I'd had one and it was suddenly all I could imagine having right then. As I waited for my drink to be made, the music playing started to slowly filter into my awareness.

Damien Rice | Abruptly cut off and replaced by | the Gorillaz | played all the way through | Followed by another artist...

I was starting to feel alive again. Like waking up. I got my drink shortly after and walked home.

It's 3 now.



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Three things. One day.

Thing one. While walking to Starbucks to get my pre-class coffee [Starbucks, because I've degenerated into a level of laziness that no longer permits me to make my own in the morning.] I noticed a snail on the ground. My first thought was, 'gross!' as I continued to walk by. However, a few feet past I thought, 'I should take a picture of it.'

Thing two. While waiting for the bus, I saw a man looking through an ash tray on the top of a trash can for a used cigarette. I offered him a new one. He looked at me like I was crazy.

Thing three. While walking home after my Intro to the Women's Movement class, I pass two women talking and walking in the opposite direction. As we approach to pass each other, I hear the woman closest to me say, "You gotta be healthier." And in the heartbeat that we are aligned, I see the other woman nod and a agree. It's only as I take the step to move beyond them that I fully realize the woman that agreed was holding a half eaten corn dog from the gas station I was about to pass.


The Turn

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Life is funny sometimes and the weather lately has been reflecting that. Within one week it's been obnoxiously warm and the very next day completely grey and raining. Then as if someone put us on repeat, the pattern was repeated. Hot & Cold.

Needless to say [so then why am I saying it?] Many people have been getting sick. And as for me? Well, my Sacramento allergy problems have been holding strong.

But other then that... I've been a remarkable bum lately. [I added the remarkable bit so I don't sound to sad...] Truly though, I've not been doing much. In fact I had an all out bloody war with my lack of inertia.

As you can imagine, it was a purely mental battle that was quite exhausting. After all, "When you decide to nothing you must be very careful. Because even the slightest thought can lead to something."

But my mind fought valiantly.

And in the end, I ended up discovering a new [to me] band on youtube | Pomplamoose | They kind of remind me of | the Bird and the Bee | But I could be overstating their similarities.. I'm crap at that after all.

I've also, been listening to | The Temper Trap | the XX | Miike Snow | the Whitest Boy Alive | and | Phoenix's - "Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix" album | non stop lately.

I'm not entirely sure why, either. I mean, completely disregarding the fact that I do absolutely love the respective albums... I think it has something to do with the weather combined with my mood.

Like I said, sometimes life is funny.