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One day post Coachella line-up release and that's good word for the state of things.

Friday tickets go on sale and as is tradition, I will be buying my 3 day pass + camping ticket immediately. However, I haven't been this giddy about the initial line-up since 2007 and that's both a good thing and a bad thing.

Going in there was already quite a few bands that I'd already seen/heard of that I definitely wanted to see. However, one doesn't look at the Coachella line-up and settle for what you already know. So of course, I immediately started doing homework.

And just, wow. Seriously. Someone on the Coachella message board coined the phrase: Conflictchella. And that seems to sum it up nicely.

Just since yesterday I've discovered: Portugal. The Man | Delphic | King Khan & the Shrines | Tavin Singh | The Soft Pack | The Whitest Boy Alive | Band of Skulls | and | Sleigh Bells.

That's not to mention the bands/singers I didn't think I'd ever be able to see like: Fever Ray - This is a band fronted by the female singer of the Knife. She hates touring. | Jónsi - The frontman of Sigur Rós | and | Gorillaz - Seriously, kind of self explanatory |

It's just going to be insane. However, the good thing about wanting to see just about everyone playing is that there will definitely not be any dull points. The bad thing is, I already know the game day conflicts will be horrendous.

p.s: Stylo | off of the upcoming Gorillaz album | Plastic Beach | leaked this morning. | Gorillaz fan? | Click | here | to listen.

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i am right there with you!