Maya. & Me

M.I.A., originally uploaded by SisterSafetyPin.

Last night I dreamed I was in a relationship with M.I.A.

It's hard writing this post because I feel like it makes me seem like a crazy rabid stalker type person. I'm not. I swear, lol.

BUT! I did indeed dream that we were dating and it was... So nice. And the dream seemed to last months, even though it was at most, 10 hours...

Actually now that I think about it, it was M.I.A.... but it felt like my ex.

So perhaps, this blog post should be titled: Pasha & Me...

Oh god, I'm so cheesy.


Before and Again

pe ac e, originally uploaded by SisterSafetyPin.

All of my dreams are memories
That I can't place to a time or a face
But my body knows
Of the ribbons and hose
That I once was tied in
In my mother's skin

Before and Again | Akron/Family

Life is funny sometimes.

Or rather not funny... But curious. Intriguing in the sense that it keeps going.The exact beginning of it all is going to be debated until the exact end.

Big Bang or Divine Intervention?

Who knows? And at the end of it all, does it really matter? Life will continue long after our short stint with it, so really.. arguing about the logistics of it all tends to feel pointless at times.

Or, not really pointless... But just, more of the same.

It's funny. Not life, but, well, me I guess. There's always so much going on internally. So much I'd love to share... Here, in this blog... In person, with friends... family, lovers...

But moments are so fleeting. A moment rarely lasts long enough for me to translate a thought to action. And in the meantime emotions are left in their wake. Sometimes with the feeling of missed chances. Sometimes with the feeling that you've selfishly kept great truths to yourself.


Will commence progress soon

Seasons change, buildings whither, skin wrinkles... Life goes on. Unencumbered by a single soul frozen in place.