Cult of Less

"Many have begun trading in CD, DVD, and book collections for digital music, movies, and e-books. But this trend in digital technology is now influencing some to get rid of nearly all of their physical possessions - from photographs to furniture to homes altogether."

The BBC article the above photo and excerpt are taken from couldn't be more about me and the way I live my life if they'd called me up for an interview.

For the past two years I have steadily been decreasing the level of things that I own. It started with me simply no longer shopping. After all, what need have I for new things when what I have still suits me fine? It progressed with my increasing belief that people place to much emphasis on the material which led to the total financial break down in 2008 [which is also the time of my burgeoning awareness]. And hit critical awareness when I moved last year. Because while packing I realized I still had for to many things.

One box of trash bags later and I was able to move to my condo in one trip. A bag of clothes I wear regularly, check. My laptop, check. My roommate's old tv from the 70s, check. A box of books, check. My xbox 360, check.
Anything else? Nope.

Moving in, my house looked like that. Only without the bed or the side table. And yet, despite the virtual emptiness of my room and my house... I felt so content.

It was funny. I'd tell people I not only didn't I have a cable, but I also didn't have a tv [I forgot to mention the tv wasn't good for anything but playing my 360 didn't I?]. I'd tell them I didn't have chairs for them to sit or bed. And they'd look at me with such pity, such sadness. And most would say...

We'll help you have furniture in no time!

Not understanding that I was perfectly happy with the state of things.

Perfectly content with my bag full necessities and little else. If my summer of brokeness proved anything else it was this.

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Nicole Haase said...

I also tried, because I love that idea of getting that clear view in may rooms (and also in my head), but the rest of my household won´t understand... http://bit.ly/bpmKVZ