Family Reunions

I just had mine yesterday and it was... Interesting.

A collection of awesome, yes I'm still in college, no I'm not in danger of getting pregnant and oh-my-god-what-is-shewearing?!

It's funny.

My family is so oddly gay. I've got an older cousin [as in, in her 50's] whose been with her partner for the past... 10 years or so. Then there's her granddaughter, whom I love so much for being so genuine in all things. She struggled so hard last year with herself, because she was in the process of coming out to herself. She even approached me and called me brave [I felt so proud of me in that moment] And judging by the girlfriend she brought to the family reunion this year... I'd say she's finally come to terms with herself.

Then there's the myriad of female cousins who... I don't know... I think will just sleep with anything that moves. I mean, I have a cousin who has had an alternate gender on her arm for the past 5 family reunions. .. And has 2 small children under 5.

On that score it feels weird for me.

I am... an intensely private person. I am not in the closet, but I similarly don't feel the need to take out ad space in the family gossip memo simply to discuss the nature of my attractions. I don't see the point. Especially since my family holds me in a weird double standard of morality.

However, the ambiguous state of my love life in the eyes of my family seems to lead to me hearing the most insulting things. Or maybe I'm just a sensitive gay?

While playing dominoes with a group of old men and discussing the weather in different cities we've lived in and the state our family hails from... Louisiana... We came to the city of San Francisco. While talking about the weather there, one of the men makes the comment, "I've never been there and I never want to go there! To many of them gays! I don't like that!"

Um... Ok?

Not only are you sitting with a gay, but your step-daughter is a sometimes gay!

But then, that's the problem isn't it? I mean, it's easy to think the worse of gay people when you're step daughter is the kind of woman that leads people to think it's a choice. A sometimes gay.

I can't begin to explain the sometimes gay. And I don't mean someone who identifies as bi. I don't even mean the person who experiments in college. I mean, someone that just give all people a bad name. Gay or straight.

But I digress.... Even if he wasn't fully aware of me being gay, there are enough gay and sometimes gay people in the family that the comment shouldn't have been made.

Other than that however, I did enjoy seeing my cousins... Even the younger girls that were dressed like... well... starts with a W and ends with an e. 5 letter word.

So my family has a thing. A belief, if you will... That children are born in threes. There is never just a single child born to the family. There are always three.

My generation of three consists of two girls and a boy.

We were raised as sisters, grew apart slightly as pre-teen and teenagers, but maintain a distant closeness... If that makes any sense. And it was... well amusing, catching up with her.

As we went through puberty she became one of those girls that was entirely to focused on boys while simultaneously thinking themselves a lot older then they were. Then 6 years ago she started dating a preacher's son.

...lol. Yeah.

I'm fairly certain he's the only reason she hasn't had a baby yet. Making us the only two of our trinity and the trinities immediately surrounding us...that haven't had a child yet.

And I'm a lesbian, so she's doing really well!

Oh well.

Quick rundown: My Grandfather is sick | My Aunt is getting married to man only a couple inches taller then me [and I'm 5'3] on the 29th | My little cousin broke his foot [don't get me started on how]

And I... am strangely feeling all loved up over someone I really shouldn't.

Oh well... part 2.

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