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A sudden violent change

A cataclysm is what has just occurred in my life.

I suppose you could say what I'm going through is a mild exaggeration. After all, simply loosing a particularly large update does not technically warrant the title cataclysm...

But I'm melodramatic at times and right now, the loss of all those random thought processes put to paper... Or rather, internet as the case may be... Is feeling fairly cataclysmic...

Oh well.

In other news, the dates for next years Coachella has been announced and I'd be lying if I said I wasn't completely exctited. Because I am. The dates are: April 15 - 17th. At first you'd think I'd feel a little sad that I'd be going back to the scene of the crime. The last place where I apparently committed such crimes against the moral fabric of friendship that I lost one.

However, that would be understating my love for live music and more importantly... Live music in the California desert... And overstating my care for bullshit.


I mean, Come on! It's going to be my 5 year anniversary! All relationships have good and bad moments and I've got a feeling that Coachella is going to pull out all the stops for 2011. Most likely going so far as to recreate the weekend we met by inviting Arcade Fire back to perform.

Of course this is speculation... But all signs are pointing to this eventuality.


In other, non-music related news...

I love the magazine, GameInformer. It's the perfect blend of game review, industry article and commentary. In the 207th issue there was a really well done article on the question of Games as Art in response to Roger Egbert's statement that it was impossible.

Also stemming from the comment is a truly awesome open letter to all gamers and game creators, from Bioshock creator Keven Levine. In the letter, Levine basically takes everyone to task for even caring about what Roger Egbert has to say when it comes to games. Saying that the gaming Industry: from the creators, to the players and the reviewers should hold no weight in what people outside of the industry had to say about games.

After all, Egbert is a movie reviewer... What does he know of games?


In even MORE gaming related news with actual tie-ins to the above... Bioshock Infinity, the third installment in the Bioshock franchise official announced today. However, the announcement came with more than just a few measely game stills.... Oh no, Bioshock Inifinity is introduced to the world by way of a trailer that just leaves one feeling...


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