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It's come to my attention that most of my favorite people have been born in July, August, and September.

If I were to be more exact, [at the risk of sounding like I actually hold weight in these things] I'd say that of those 3 months, most of my favorite people have been Leo or Virgo.

Ignoring the astrological side of things, I do have to wonder why that is. Is it the nature of being born in the summer months? Do we mind meld better? Have a better understanding of how each other thinks? If all things are connected [in the scientific sense, everyone can ponder that further to suit their own religious ideals] are we somehow more connected, because the environmental conditions would be similar around our births?

Wait, hold on. Stop.

I just blew those last couple of reasons and probably completely destabilized my whole line of thinking.


Well, I seriously doubt environmental conditions are all that similar across continents.

So let's just abandon those ponderous thoughts to our own individual ideas on life.


In other news, I've been thinking.... And it hurt.

Just kidding.

Seriously though, isn't it fascinating when you discover your own personal things? You know, those odd habits you have that are just... Well random, but upon closer look you realize that you can't bring yourself to change those habits?

Actually... I just realized that the minor idiosyncrasies that I find amusing in my life are actually minor signs of ocd...


Oh well.

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