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Oh music.

Oh Summer.

Oh my summer of music.

Actually if I'm being honest, every summer since 2007 has been a summer of music. Usually this manifests itself in the form of my hitting up as many different music festivals as possible. While I was still living in LA full time, it manifested in me hitting up as many music festivals as possible as well as all but living in West Hollywood and Santa Monica. Why those places? That's where all the best local venues are.

However, as is well documented... This has also been my summer of no money, less internet and rapidly depleting time.

Not that I'm complaining.

But all of this together led to a situation where I was unable to get the music on or before the release date. I say all that to say: I just got M.I.A.'s latest and album... and Holy Chick, Batman!

I dig it. No... I Lovalot.

This album is wall to wall. And in a sense, I feel redeems her. Not that I didn't like Kala... But let's be honest, it was no Arular. Listening to this album takes me back to the Echoplex.

And for good reason.

This is a club dance album.

Arular and Kala both had insanely big beat and insanely catchy lines... Just all around suitable for festival crowd dancing, with huge festival speakers. But /\/\ /\ Y /\ , just sounds like it would be lost and washed away in a setting such as that. This is a up close and personal, small quarters dancing kind of album.

This is a club tour/small venue kind of album. And I hope she does it.

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