Today I learned...

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So once again, on this day that ends with d-a-y much like every other day... I have learned something. Quite a few somethings in fact. What? You ask. Enquiring minds want to know! You exclaim.

Well probably not.

However, sitting here with the Black Ghosts playing in the background I'm overcome with the urge to share anyway. So let's begin.

Today I learned:

1. I detest being kidnapped. Or rather, Personnapped. I haven't been a kid since I hit double digits. A little over a decade now.... [Yes yes! You love how I make myself seem older by saying "A little over a decade now" instead of... Since I was 10.] 

  • To be fair. I wasn't personnapped today. In fact, I left with my aunt [somewhat] willingly 2 days ago. However, I left under the impression I would be returned to safety yesterday.... Not kept awake 2 days straight while in the presence of children no older then 4.... So not cool

2. I really don't like children that aren't my own.

  • Well... That's not fair I suppose... I've not had any children. And I don't particularly dislike all children. That would mesh horribly with my future plans to dedicate a year as a volunteer abroad. 
So ok... Slight revision.

2b. I dislike the constant noise associated with unsupervised hyper children. - Not so much a new thing learned, as a.... Thing that I suddenly knew with absolute clarity.

3. If they don't have anything nice to say, I REALLY need to just walk away.

  • Ok once again, this one technically came to me over the past couple of days... But bugger that. It's a huge realization. Arguing[slash]Debating with people with fundamentally different opinions then your own is like shouting at a brick wall; leaving you with a form of mental blue balls. Pissed and completely unsatisfied with the way things ended.
4. I should never again go two and a half days with out sleep or coffee. It's just... not conducive to me being anything remotely like a pleasant person to be around


VeganBattleBot said...

You sucker. Oodles of unsupervised, squawking kids while suffering sleep deprivation and a lack of coffee sounds pretty dern miserable. It's over now, though! ;]

Vicki Valentine said...

I am so going to follow you, not only did you mention one of my favourite bands but you also described something I can relate to, an annoyance at children that are too loud!
Especially if you had no coffee and little sleep! Hellish much? :O

SisterSafetyPin said...

@VeganBattleBot & Vicki Valentine: Yes. Yes I was a sucker and it was hellish, but it's over now... Never to be repeated again!

@Vicki Valentine: You like the Black Ghosts!? Not enough people listen let alone know who they are! Thanks for following; hopefully things stay interesting. :D