A Cavallo

A Cavallo, originally uploaded by nicolemonet2002.

An overcoat
Will take me anywhere
                The First Song - Band of Horses

So in a strange twist from the utter giddy emotions that were earlier this day... I find I've entered quite suddenly [or rather slowly eased into and suddenly realized I'd entered] that strange grouping of emotions that one usually only sees on comfortable rainy days or perfect summer afternoons. It's the mental frame of mind that stories are written too. Oddly enough, this time is usually met with the perfect song to accompany it. The song in fact is usually the device in which one realizes the mood has fallen on them.

It's nice.

It's the kind of mood that's perfect for a sweet cup of coffee and a small piece of chocolate. Or maybe a hot cup of tea and a good book? Either way moments like these are usually fleeting once one realizes it's presence and especially difficult to put to words.

So I'll just go get my coffee and enjoy what's left of it.

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