ATTN: Universe

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I approve of this day.

This day, much like any other day that ends with d-a-y had the equal potential to be either unremarkable, unbearable, or unbelievably awesome.

And it just so happens, it was my turn to get the unbelievably awesome card.

Like the start of any day with the potential for a shout-out-loud moment of excitement... This one started with a cup of freshly brewed [yes it really makes a difference] coffee, sweetened with just enough Toffee Nut syrup to keep a hint of the coffee's bitter taste there. Then with about as much anxiousness a body can physically hold on to while drinking an amazing cup of coffee, I proceeded to log-in to my gmail account. 

Moment of truth time. For what? You ask To see if I'd passed my background/credit check and was approved for the perfect house. [Perfect = $200 cheaper then previous apartment, actual house, coffee shop two houses away, and even closer to school.] I open the email and... YES! The house is mine and to top it off, the owner is willing to wait for his deposit until I get my Financial Aid!

It's a bit insane. I came out here Monday completely on edge, with out any idea where to even begin my search for a new place to stay. And by Thursday morning I've all but signed a lease. For that alone, I would have sent a thank you card to the Universe.

However, it seems the Universe decided I deserved just a wee bit more. Like always, I now sign out of gmail and boogy on over to hotmail to check that account [Yes, I said boogy.] I sign in and on first glance see nothing remarkable. Then my eyes fall on the subject line of one particular email... Noisettes on Tour in the States.

The NOISEttes... On Tour... In the States? America, fuck yeah!

They'll be in San Francisco next week, with the tickets only $12. Will I be there? Oh hell yes! It's been almost two years since the last time I saw: Shingai, Dan, and Jaime. It would be an absolute insult if I allowed the band that took my Coachella Music and Arts Festival cherry to do a show this close to me and not attend! Not to mention the fact that only the fates know when the next time they'll be State-side, let alone on the West Coast, will be...

So there you have it. In one day I get the all clear on my house and the news that one of my favorite bands will be here next week. Doesn't seem like much I'm sure. But right now? It feels like a nice cold glass of lemonade on this unbelievably warm summer day.

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Fuck yeah! Go Happy Times!