Ego Tripping at the Gates of Hell

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I wish I had one of my favorite [romance] - [yes yes, I know] books with me right now. There's a line... or rather paragraph in it that could adequately describe the state I'm in right now.

The book? One Degree of Separation

The Author? Karin Kalmaker

The Line [liberally paraphrased]? If I don't start bleeding within the next few days, I'm killing someone... Where's my chocolate?

Ha! Sorry, I know Slight over share... However, things are crazy. I woke up Monday morning to the sudden realization that August 8th was rapidly approaching and I still had no idea where I was going to move! I blame Mark Twain. Why you ask? He assured me that I should continue putting off my search for a new apartment[slash]house as long as possible.

Well I did. And now I find myself with a not so slight migraine trying to figure out who exactly i can con into letting me borrow their car... So I can drive it roughly 750 miles round trip.... As you can imagine? Not an easy conversation. And if that fails? Amtrak!

However no matter what, I need to be in Sacramento by Monday and I need to have a definite place to stay by the end of the following week. All on a budget of... 1 credit card, [hopefully] at least a couple hundred dollars in my bank account, and a prayer.


If I can pass Statistics, I can make this work. Even if it requires an exponential increase in my daily coffee intake.


Am said...

You already know that everything will work out for the best. Although I'm secretly wishing you'll get stranded in LA and go back to Starbucks...just a thought. Awesome post...Awesome blog..

Am said...

Oh yea...and never, ever, blame Mark Twain. Lol