Rain, Rain...

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Go away... Come again another day...

So maybe it's because I'm from a city that considered rain such a foreign phenomenon that people born and raised there still have no idea how to drive in it...

Or maybe it's because I was cutest little tomboy you could imagine as a little person [Yeah, I know I have modesty down in spades...]

But whatever the reason, I loved the rain. Still do, however, when I was younger it wasn't so much that actual rain that I love... But the critters it always left behind.

Yep! I was that girl. The one eager to get outside after it rained so I could pick up earthworms, count the slugs with the boys, and attempt to jump over puddles wider then I was tall.

I loved it.

Which... Is a little ironic, because now I step out on the porch on my porch and cringe when not only are there snails and worms, but slugs as well!

Where once there was a fascination tinged with the excitement of the forbidden [because girls do not pick up snails and carry them around...] Now there is only a subtle grossness.

However, while I've shed that aspect of my inner little boy... I still love the rain. And yes... I know that statement is in direct contrast to my last post where I complained about how wet it is in LA.

But alas... It's all good. Bugs and all

It's raining, it's pouring... The old man is snoring... He went to bed and bumped his head and couldn't get up in the morning...

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