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So as I sit here between 5th and 4th st train station, waiting to return to my final destination I had one true thought before I pulled my laptop out to type this...

My dad would not be pleased.


But in other news... My music is playing and the songs are switching making me feel a little... scatterbrained I guess. Because with every song change my mood changes to match the song. It's crazy.

We went to see the Tourist today though. And to put it simply... Brilliant. Though, you should definitely quantify that by the fact that it had Johnny Depp AND Angelina Jolie in the film. The film crew would have had to work really hard to mess up that combination.

But today was interesting with a dash... Well a very large dose of funny. And not in my, life is funny kind of way. Nope, in a pure wry small or small giggle I wont repeat anything... kind of way.

It was nice.

But the train is coming 'round the mountain and my computer is about to die, so that's it for today.

However, it's safe to say that I've definitely met my quota of blog posts for the year... Not that I'm ready to hang up the hat for the year yet

You're so beautiful... | Blink 182 | Going Away to College

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