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"You know that feeling when... You're at a festival outside... And the music is just drifting out on the breeze? That's the feeling I've dedicated my life to... Music blows my mind, I don't understand it's just vibrations.. And yet it's the most beautiful thing."
--Emily Haines on NPR: Metric Live in Concert

I think it's highly amusing that my idea of productivity these days, is waking up before 11 and managing to get a cup of coffee ingested by 12. Actually that may be more sad then anything; however, with my last few days before I have to dedicate my life to school once again rapidly dwindling I have to make the most of them.

And you know, I'd say I'm doing a pretty good job of that.

For example, right now I'm indulging my absolute love for all things Emily Haines and Metric, by listening to a live concert of theirs via an NPR podcasts. Which has actually all kinds of amazing. Who knew the Itunes music podcasts section was hiding such gems? I certainly didn't. I even managed to find a live concert from The Decembersts! However, listening to that was really bittersweet. Or rather... More bitter then anything.

I still haven't really gotten over the way they basically just spat in the face of all of their fans, when they canceled the "Long of it, Short of it" Tour. The tour was basically going to be, two nights in all of the major US cities. On night one, they'd perform all of their extended songs; on night two, they'd perform all of their normal length songs. Sounds... exciting right? I mean a chance to hear every single one of their epics in one night, then the next night all of the others? I agree, I bought my tickets as soon as possible.

The email I got to cancel it was kind of like... "Yeah.. We're canceling the tour, something came up. Hopefully you get your money back.". ...Really, the Decemberists? It wasn't cool and it ended a 6 year love affair, turning it into passing appreciation.

Oh well, it's hard to to dwell on the douche baggery that is the Decemberists when Emily Haines singing: "Is it ever going to be enough?" Is coming out of my speakers.

In other [semi] non music related things [because in some way everything can be brought back to music]. I've been trying to figure out how to furnish my house, or at the very least my room. And while it always starts with my trying to find a cheap bed/futon... It equally always degenerated to me looking at the best stereo's and espresso/coffee machines I can afford. And incase your wondering? I'm fairly certain that I've settled on a Espresso Machine from Walmart [yes, yes, I KNOW! Walmart=the devil]. What makes this espresso machine the one? It also, steams milk and brews coffee.

Do you know what that means!? It means I can make my own Red Eye in the Morning! It means, should I so choose, I could make a Tuxedo or Toffee Nut Latte.. It means FREEDOM!

lol. Yeah, basically it just means I can more easily feed my coffee addiction. Oh well

"I Hope I Live It Out"


VeganBattleBot said...

Is it wrong that the first bit of helpful advice I could come up with in regards to furnishing your room was, "Oooo milk crates!", they can be desks, book shelves, chairs, storage bins, side tables....! And can be found for free!

I'm looking up this Emily Haines.

SisterSafetyPin said...


Nope not wrong! In fact... It sounds like a really good idea! [Because free is always welcome]

Looking up Emily Haines is always a wise choice