Dirt Between the Dirt

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That's actually what I felt upon first full listen to the Arctic Monkeys new album. Consequently, I spent much of my first listen thinking that Josh Homme [Queens of the Stone Age lead singer, and producer of the album] had a little too much influence on the cd's sound; the whole thing originally felt more like the QotSA then Arctic Monkeys. However, I've been listening to Humbug for the past couple hours and I can admit that it's grown on me. There are a lot of subtleties to this album. Much more then either Whatever People Say I Am, That's What I'm Not and Favorite Worst Nightmare . Actually, now that I'm writing this I think I may like this album more then Favorite Worst Nightmare.

In other news that has little to do with the deconstuction of the Arctic Monkeys [And believe me, that's where that was headed... You can thank me for stopping myself if you must.] School starts next Monday and my birthday is that Thursday.

Crazy. I'm going to be 22 and still upon meeting me, the most common age people assume that I am is 16. Some of have gone as far as to get upset when I claim to be anything older then 18. It's... odd. Especially considering, that my mother had been married, given birth to me and separated from my father by 21. Especially considering, my grandmother had given birth to 3 children by 21... And yet, at the age of 21, 2 weeks away from my birthday not only do I not look old enough for any of the women I become interested in [it's curse, I fall for older women] the idea of being forced into a 9 to 5 is enough to send me into a [mostly mild] panic attack.

Oh well.

If the point of College is to grow up, does that mean you stay there until you do? Could I do that? I mean sure, my grandmother thinks I'm wasting my life away... But really, I'm fine with that.

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bk said...

Hehe, yeah the perks of not looking your age... trust me, it will get better. S*cks with the ladies, I can imagine, but hey, it will get better. And just remember when you are close to thirty and everyone is freaking out because of the first crow's feet or wrinkles... you just smile at them and think to yourself: Ha, take that you superficial people.