Shake Your Head, It's Empty

Nothing is more depressing then a watered down Americano.

Ok, so that's not exactly true... However, while I drink this watered down version of my favorite form of espresso, it is what's currently causing a dillema. Do I take the drink back and ask for it to be remade, or do I suck it up?

...I'm taking it back. After all, when a poor college student leaves you a tip [a whole dollar!] they kind of expect the drink to be as close to perfect as possible. Good thing I planned on sticking around here for a while.

[This will be a time skip, while I go ask for my drink to be redone]

So I just realized something fairly distressing. [Or at least distressing relating to my Americano.] I went and asked for another shot of espresso, and much to my pleased surprise... I was given 2 shots and both were free! 'Clearly,' I thought... 'This will make all the difference!'

I was wrong. Unfortunately, what I blamed on water was really the fault of the espresso. For some reason [I know the reason, but I'd have to explain the way the espresso machine works and that would take to long...] the espresso's are pulling fowl. They're just... gah, bitter and gross.

Trust me, there is nothing worse then dead tasting shots of espresso.

Oh well. Now that we're basically back at the beginning, we can get to the point of things. Or rather, what I meant to be the point of this entry... While unpacking and listening to the newly found 90s radio station [yes, I was endlessly pleased to discover it], I found my old journal from High School.

Can we say wow? I forgot how intensely I felt things back then, just re-reading some of the entries was almost enough to overwhelm me [And thank every star past and present that I managed to get through it]. At the same time, some of the entries made me laugh [...and cringe]. After all, Lydia. Good times, bad times. That was two years of my life.

I'm trying to figure out the best way to progress from here. I know... What an ambiguous statement! Where is here? What are you talking about?! Bueller? Bueller?

Here is simply here. And I'll figure it out. In the meantime, I really should send NPR a thank you letter [read: email] for Metric's live concert podcast

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