Could it be?

Mayer Hawthorne - Maybe So, Maybe No from Stones Throw on Vimeo.

"Could it be
That your love is
Meant for me?
Maybe So, Maybe No..."

No picture today. Just one unbelievably awesome song that has recently got the music video treatment. If after listening and watching the video you suddenly find yourself with the urge to go out and buy this man's cd.... You are not alone. If after desperately searching for a LP for an undisclosed amount of time, you discover that he's only released an EP and become disapointed... Once again, you are not alone. [I am here with you, though we're far apart....] Just kidding.... But name that tune!

In other news, my family reunion was this past Saturday, It was... Interesting. Doubly so since I blew off last years reunion, because I caught a Red-Eye Plane from LA to NY so I could go to a Music Festival. However, I digress... My family reunion was 2 days ago and it was pretty much exactly what I would expect from the function... WIth a healthy side of matriarchs pretending to blind to the blatant hedonism going on, ha!

Honestly, the whole thing was quite amusing. We got to the park around 8am and I was armed with 3 different magazines, my favorite Chuck Klosterman book IV: A Decade of Curious People and Dangerous Ideas , and an mp3 player. As you can see, I was thoroughly prepared to be utterly bored while surrounded by people asking me...
  • When will you get a Boyfriend? [That would be the day after never]
  • Well then, what's your major? [It's still Journalism, thanks for paying attention]
  • Well did you know your cousin Tasha has been with her boyfriend for 3 years? [Sure did] Oh.
  • Don't your ears hurt!? [Actually not, and would you believe I just stretched to 1/2" this morning?]
  • Well um... You look nice! Did you know you look, JUST like your mother!? [I may have heard that once or twice... In the last few moments.]
Yes, nothing I wasn't expecting and I did get those questions. However, I realized something fairly important. The secret to surviving the reunion even. What is it? You ask? Well it's this... After getting to the park, walk the circuit saying hello to everyone. Then walk up to the most cantankerous looking old man and let him know he wouldn't have a chance in hell beating you at Dominos aka Bones. After you defend you're statement, you've guaranteed yourself a seat at the domino table for the rest of the day... And possibly every year after.

The benefits of this is two fold. Since you're sitting with "elders," all late comers must come to you in order to say hello. As well as the primary purpose of keeping away all of the gossips. Old men like to talk way to much trash to be able to tolerate someone coming near them talking about frivolous non-game related things.

So, that's pretty much how I spent my day... playing dominos and avoiding repetitive comments. However, I realized something that caused endless amusement. What is it? You ask? Stop holding out and let you, know! You demand?

Probably not.

But let's continue. I've discovered that at least 60% of the women in my family that were always very... In your face heterosexual... Are now extremely; In your face any way the wind bloowws......

Actually, I know originally I said I found this amusing. But I lied. I find it more then a little disturbing. They are the standard I get quietly compared to. Nothing good will come of that. Sometimes I think the rest of my family watch me with a bated breath. Just waiting for the day when I show up with a crop hair cut and a huge girlfriend named Bertha... Oh well.

Whatever keeps them occupied.

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