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Today has been a long day.

I don't think I've really slept in the past 38 hours and it's definitely catching up to me. By 4 this morning I was boarding a train back to Sacramento. And despite my best efforts, no reading was actually done on the 6 hour trip between LA and Sac.

Well actually that's a lie. I've been re-reading IV by Chuck Klosterman. Seriously? The guy is the writer I want to be. He writes and expresses his thoughts in the perfected fashion that I attempt. Not only that, but his sense of humor is so dry that you'd absolutely miss it if you weren't paying attention. Now while Chuck managed to keep my horribly sleep deprived mind's attention [like always], he was absolutely not what I had planned to read.

What did I plan to read, you ask?

Well, it just so happened that last week I got my hands on [fingers on] a virtual treasure trove [literally virtual] of e-books [I know, i know! Tsk tsk on so many levels! E-books? Acquired?] However, so not the point. The point is, I got my hands on a few books I've been wanting to read but dragging my feet in buying. In addition to those, I got a few books I'd vow to give a try but refused to buy. All together I'd say I acquired about 40 books, and I'd been eagerly awaiting this weekend, after all... Lack of cable + lack of internet + a couple pounds of coffee = Perfect opportunity for a full literary submersion.

Unfortunately.... Lack of Sleep + Zero Furniture + Hardwood Floor = Way to uncomfortable to enjoy a short nap, let alone long term readng.

Meaning? A new mission was born. I had to go buy a bed. So to Walmart I went!

...And immediately realized that I maybe should have brought a map. The Walmart I went to was seriously the size of Disneyland. Do you have any idea how hard it is trying to navigate a store like Walmart of that size, with out any caffeine running through your blood stream? It was slightly terrifying. Like one of those bizarre dreams where everything is disproportionately big and no one can understand you because of how small you are in comparison. After about an hour and a half in there I managed to grab: half & half, an air bed, bananas, and a couple sandwiches... Then I briskly walked out hoping for the world to make sense again.

Really, this whole day has just been sort of surreal in the way only sleepless days can be. Immediately after leaving the almost to cold Walmart with it's insane size, I was thrust into Sacramento's version of summer: 100 degree F. heat.

It's been crazy, it's been long, and this may not be as coherent as I'd like it to be. However, the heat has passed and I've got a deliciously made Americano with toffee-nut.

All and all, it wouldn't be completely unreasonable to say the scales were starting to balance.

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