When I Die

Waiting for Daft Punk, originally uploaded by SisterSafetyPin.
In Short

When I die, I will force all attendees to smoke Mary Jane and listen to Daft Punk's Alive 2007 album. While the album played their would be a slideshow of all of concert photos.

After the album had played in it's entirety someone would say, "On September 3rd, 1987... Candyce Chrystina Moore was born to Aurora Endora and James Marcus." Then that person would leave.

Then another person would come up and explain about Michael Jackson and Aerosmith.

Then another person would come up and explain about Philosopy, Feminism, Politics and Religion.

Then another person would could up explain the art of Live Shows.

Finally, after all of that someone come up and explain about Love, Friends and Family.

Lastly, someone would come up explain the reason for the music. Candyce saw Daft Punk live in Vegas at a music festival while her great aunt's funeral was taking place in LA. But as sad as she was, as she danced under the night sky with the thousands of other people... She'd never felt closer to her Aunt, the cosmos or anything.

And it was good.

[haha Jesus joke!]

But really, my funeral sounds awesome I wish I would be able to actually enjoy it instead of being... You know, dead.


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