Bum Rap or Op-ed

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"Obama's bum rap on entitlement reform"

That is a really solid article on the state of Obama's politics in the face of what he promised versus what he's done. The article ends on a President positive note. I wont.

I can't help but wonder what that state of Obama's presidency says for all of us that must continue to live in this country. What does Obama's failure at bi-partisonship mean for the youth?


Youth are easily riled passionate beings of fury.

Given the right cause or spark, the youth will start a revolution. Just look at Egypt. However, as passionate as the youth are, they are equally predisposed for extreme sudden onset jaded-ness.

And when the youth collectively give up on a society, may the cosmos help the society that has to deal with the aftermath.

And what does this have to do with Obama? Everything.

A President that road the wave of youthful passions to the White House, on a board that promised change has only managed one meaningful one. The disillusionment of the youth.

College tuition in the CSU system has risen at least 6 times over the past two years.

Health Insurance is still far to expensive for any Gen- Y or Millennial to afford. Not to mention that the bill that was passed simply made it illegal to not have insurance. While of course, making sure no government funds went to aid a woman's right to her body's goings on.

Jobs are non existent.

And for what? For the Democrats to lose control of the House? For the Republicans to lose control of their crazies? For the many non-wars that miraculously continue to be funded by the never ending supply of money that can never be found when it comes to education? For the complete erosion of our Civil Rights in our misguided quest to maintain the appearance of safety in the midst of the chaos that is the World at Large.

We are tired of the political squabbling and we've yet to even reach our 30's.

We'd Declare Independence, but all the land's been claimed and our quiet withdraw would never be allowed in the third wave of Imperialism.

So what do we do? How do we survive the evidence that our only real hope for Change was a lie and the future is grim?

Daisaku Ikeda said in his 2010 peace proposal for the U.N. that we are living in an Interregnum of Values.

What this basically means is we are living in a gap of social sanity. A flux in time that will decide the pace for the next age.

That means this is the most critical. And if we cannot count on our governments to make the appropriate Executive and Legislative changes needed to weather the flux and come out better for it... Than we must BE the change.

Now as cheesy as that sounds, it's not, and it's a completely valid point.

Consumerism and Capitalism masquerading as Globalization for the good of the people has created the situation we're in. Not paying attention while governments played chess with the world's natural resources. Treating human lives as both pawns and rooks to jealously guard the King's monopoly on crude oil, has lead to the situation we're in.

Apathy on the part of the world has lead us here.

So we must re-engage. Money talks louder then silence. Voting rings a lot longer then complaining after the polls close.

News does not watch itself and change does not come to the uniformed.

Recognize that change happens on the backs of those willing to live with uncomfortable knowledge that speaking out for meaningful change generally paints a target that never goes away.

Orwellian Nightmare? That's just the way it is right now.

But the point is that it doesn't have to stay this way. It's time we regroup. 

Counting on the sweet nothings of government has proven disastrous, so it's back to the drawing board.

I'm thinking that if we all individually focus on Humanism, shit might actually get done. After all, the government will only do what popular opinion finds acceptable.

Also, a little more personal responsibility is also going to be needed. The blame game has lasted far longer then it should have and it's impeding societal progress.

Let's agree that even if scientists never come to consensus about Global Warming, we could all use a little less.

Recycling really isn't that hard, let's do that as well.

Because sad truth is: I'm tired of feeling hopeless and disappointed in my government. I continually meet people that speak sense and yet never see that sense reflected in national opinion, and that's unacceptable.

I will no longer be complacent and content to allow the crazies to control the national discourse.
I will engage more. And if even one other person opens their eyes and looks around for the first time because of me, I'll consider it a job well done.

Bum Rap or Op-ed? This is my op-ed. 

Declare Independence of thought.

This post was written entirely on my phone

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