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I'm constantly wondering if I should delete this picture & amd hand full of other pictures. It's not very good and I feel like cluttering my flickr pool with bad pictures makes me look bad. *shrug*

I'm also cracking out to Erykah Badu at the moment so I may also clutter my blog with excerpts from her songs.

But I've been thinking... I think sometimes think that my happiness is tied to my father's and my grandmother's. Why?

Because I am so much like them.

I once told my grandmother I was her reborn, so there was little hope for me. Ha.

But seriously.... I am much to like them both. So I always find myself rooting for their happiness. Because if they can make it work in this world, then surely so can I.

It may sound ridiculous, after all, only we can make our own happiness. At least, that's what common thought believes.

Whether it's true or not is something up for debate.

But... well... I don't actually know. Blah. Fistful of Mercy just started playing.

I don't want to waste your time...
But I will, yes I will, yes I will
If you give me a reason

I Don't Want To Waste Your Time | Fistful....

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