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Three things. One day.

Thing one. While walking to Starbucks to get my pre-class coffee [Starbucks, because I've degenerated into a level of laziness that no longer permits me to make my own in the morning.] I noticed a snail on the ground. My first thought was, 'gross!' as I continued to walk by. However, a few feet past I thought, 'I should take a picture of it.'

Thing two. While waiting for the bus, I saw a man looking through an ash tray on the top of a trash can for a used cigarette. I offered him a new one. He looked at me like I was crazy.

Thing three. While walking home after my Intro to the Women's Movement class, I pass two women talking and walking in the opposite direction. As we approach to pass each other, I hear the woman closest to me say, "You gotta be healthier." And in the heartbeat that we are aligned, I see the other woman nod and a agree. It's only as I take the step to move beyond them that I fully realize the woman that agreed was holding a half eaten corn dog from the gas station I was about to pass.

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