The Turn

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Life is funny sometimes and the weather lately has been reflecting that. Within one week it's been obnoxiously warm and the very next day completely grey and raining. Then as if someone put us on repeat, the pattern was repeated. Hot & Cold.

Needless to say [so then why am I saying it?] Many people have been getting sick. And as for me? Well, my Sacramento allergy problems have been holding strong.

But other then that... I've been a remarkable bum lately. [I added the remarkable bit so I don't sound to sad...] Truly though, I've not been doing much. In fact I had an all out bloody war with my lack of inertia.

As you can imagine, it was a purely mental battle that was quite exhausting. After all, "When you decide to nothing you must be very careful. Because even the slightest thought can lead to something."

But my mind fought valiantly.

And in the end, I ended up discovering a new [to me] band on youtube | Pomplamoose | They kind of remind me of | the Bird and the Bee | But I could be overstating their similarities.. I'm crap at that after all.

I've also, been listening to | The Temper Trap | the XX | Miike Snow | the Whitest Boy Alive | and | Phoenix's - "Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix" album | non stop lately.

I'm not entirely sure why, either. I mean, completely disregarding the fact that I do absolutely love the respective albums... I think it has something to do with the weather combined with my mood.

Like I said, sometimes life is funny.

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