Things We Lost in the Fire

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For some reason I always get the urge to use that title, but it's never appropriate. However, lucky me, it finally is.

Not that there was a fire.

But there's a distinct lack of father. Who also happens to be a life time member of the struggling addict club. I'm not bitter.

Anyway, I hadn't talked to him in a month - my fault by the way, I've been busy - So I decided to buckle down and call.

Only, the two numbers I have now lead to other people. And if he doesn't have a phone, I doubt he can check his email. *shrug*


In other news.... Lily Allen's 'U killed it' is playing and I want to be profound. I think it's the downtempo type beat.

But I was thinking about this on the drive down to LA, Saturday. Somethings just make me wish I was: more. You know? A good song makes you wish you could play or sing that well. A good book makes you wish you could write that well. Gorgeous scenery makes you wish you could capture it in a photograph that would do it justice or paint it in a way that shows the emotion.


However, since I can't do more to capture the random floating around my cranium I think I could settle quite nicely in the position of... fanatical consumer of everyone else's creation.


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