Students United

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Boy, it's amazing how much you don't get done even when you dedicate all your time to doing it.

What do I mean? Well for one, I've had two blog updates written in my notebook for the past two weeks. With the intentions of posting them the same day they were written upon coming home. Clearly that didn't happen.

The end of this semester has hit particularly hard. At any given moment I'm on the cusp of being overwhelmed, yet somehow managing to navigate just enough to stay afloat. Honestly, I dig it.

Well, I dig it now that my 10 page EU paper is over. That was a nightmare. So to, was my Capstone and in class articles for my journalism class.

[paramour, I shake my head at that band and its listeners. < / tangent > ]

Why the stress over the Capstone article and what IS a Capstone article? Well the stress derives from the fact that the Capstone is a major part of my overall grade. And the article was basically a 410-450 article based on a speech we were supposed to go to. I thanked my lucky stars that I took diligent notes at the Chelsea Carter Q&A and did mine on that.

However, the in class article led to, I'm sure, a few strands of premature gray. Why? This article, to which we had an hour to write based on a paragraph of facts, would determine whether I pass the class... And am formally allowed into the journalism program. And while I'm fairly confident in my writing skills, there's the minor issue of my comma problem. To which I, like many others in my class, "throw them in randomly hoping that they'll land in the correct place." That is, according to my professor.

But alas. This week sees the end of two classes. Tomorrow, the people that passed the in class article will take the final. [Cruelly, no one knows if they've passed until tomorrow.] And on Wednesday, my final paper in my woman's study class is due.

[Why are some baristas such snobs? Hi, barista? You're ruining my coffee experience. < / tangent > ]

Oh well. Ignoring the fact that I haven't yet started writing my paper and probably wont until after tomorrow's class around 6pm... It's all... Good? 5x5? Swell? Eh. It's cold and I don't hate it.

Now in case you were wondering about today's picture... It's from a Mock Funeral/Protest over the never ending fee hikes the CSU schools are undergoing. Especially in the face of the administrators giving themselves excessive raises while firing our professors, lecturers, and cutting class offerings. It was also a protest of the Governator cutting the funds meant for the CSU and UC schools to almost nill. When we register for Spring Semester, it's to a pop up that says, "CSUS has the right to raise the fees for next semester without letting you know." It's crazy.

So yeah, about 200 students came out last Thursday with signs to show how much we don't appreciate our Government and administrators crap.

To check out more photos from the rally just click the link beneath the picture.

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VeganBattleBot said...

Student rallies are the best. 200 is a pretty swell turnout!