I Love Techno

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It's very inconvenient when you want and mean to do something and don't. And it's even worse when it's something insanely simple that could be done with minimal movement.

And yet you refuse on principle. Or because you get distracted by a shiny. Which, i don't know if you can tell or not, happens a lot to me.

For example? Currently I have the Hard Music Festival mix tape from last year playing. I don't particularly feel like listening to this and this is a 60 minute track. All it would take is extending a finger to press the skip button.

But 6 minutes into the track, I haven't. Worse, I'm writing a blog about why I haven't. I'm aware of the absurdity believe me.

This is just one of those natures best moments.

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bk said...

You do realize that a few of your entries are Masque-worthy, as in quote-worthy; even better yet; I am sure a certain *character* is writing these... I like how that mind of yours is working.