Those that can't do...

So I just re-read a short, cute and funny Hermione/Luna story on FF.net. After reading it I realized that the story had only 2 comments and I couldn't remember whether I had commented on it before; so I clicked the little reviews button and glanced over them. The first comment was nothing more then a, "Hahaha, that was funny." The second however, was two paragraphs of some person tearing the writer a new one over a couple of minor yet excessively common grammar mistakes in the story. However, the reviewer didn't stop at the minor mistakes in the story, but apparently perused through the girls bio for further ammunition. It was insanely harsh and filled with nothing but insults.

Now, I don't know the author personally or other wise. And I think that's the only story of hers that I'd ever read. But the comment was enough to make me see who this person was. So I click the link, expecting to see an account filled with stories upwards of 10,000 words long.... Did I find that? Yes. Only those stories were favorites; not stories written by the reviewer. That made my blood boil. I then felt compelled to send reviewer a message. This is what I wrote.

"Hey, this is in response to a comment you left MissaSempai who I don't know personally at all. However, reading your comment left the worse taste in my mouth possible. Kind of like the feeling you get when you see a bully being overly cruel to a passerby. Ever heard the saying, 'Those that can't do, teach'? Well in your case, those that can't do try and tear down those who can. Were there grammar mistakes? Yes. Did they completely destroy her story? No. Were some of things you flamed her over even remotely connected to the story? No. Meaning it was uncalled for. It's easy to be a grammar nazi when you yourself aren't putting yourself out there. There's constructive criticism and there are flames. Hopefully one day you'll learn the difference. Hopefully, before you completely dishearten a writer."

There was so much I wanted to tell that reviewer, however I was so.. offended for the writer that it would have degenerated quickly. I just so hate when people are unnecessarily cruel. I know personally how hard it can be to write something, no matter how long or short, and post it for the public to see. It takes a lot. And to put yourself out there, write a provide a decently well written story beside a few minor mistakes... Only to be torn down can be crushing.

I mean, believe me. I've read stories so full with grammatical and spelling errors that I've had to look away after a few paragraphs. I've also read stories that just had no point. Seemingly nothing more than a bunch of words randomly thrown together with a pronoun every now and then.

*shakes head*

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