Coffee, Communications and Bike Trails

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That is what my day has consisted of. Well, in an overly simplified 5 word kind of way...

To begin with I guess it should be said that Coachella is this weekend. My 3rd Coms midterm is the following Monday morning. I'm not even leaving Indio until around the time I would need to be in sitting down for the test.

What does that mean for me?

It means, I get to take the 75 multiple choice + 2 essay question test 6 days before everyone else of course!

Fun -- You know, in the kind of way that isn't. But Coachella is with out a doubt worth it. So this morning was spent reading chapters and taking notes.

Otherwise none as Brain Boot Camp... Or if you want to sugarcoat it, studying.

However, after about 3 hours of that my brain sent up the white flag. And let me know in no uncertain terms... It needed a break. More then a break... It needed to be completely distracted and overwhelmed by something else.

But what? Why... The American River Bike Trail!

Which is, with out a doubt a gorgeous one. And apparently, I wasn't the only one that gave in to the call of the trail today, because it was over-run with joggers, walkers and other people on bikes.

It was nice though. There's nothing like a long bike ride to relax your brain.

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