Amanda Palmer

Amanda Palmer, originally uploaded by nicolemonet2002.

Be gone, evil migraine! I smite thee with my hot cup of coffee and motrin!

Now that I've gotten that out of the way... I can tell you the awesomeness that just happened! And what is that? You ask?

A couple hours ago I submitted 3 of my Coachella photo's to the official website to be hosted in their 2009 gallery. Then, realizing I was out of soy milk and wanted some for my coffee... I hopped on the bike and went to buy some.

On my return, I decide to browse the gallery to see what pictures had already been accepted and what do I see? Why, all 3 of my pictures! Which is made doubly awesome, because the last time I submitted pictures [in 2007] all 3 of those were accepted as well.

Now for those of you, who are more inclined to call shenaningans then to believe me... I present you with THIS! A link to the page with the first two pictures.

-The 1st is the 3rd picture on the top left side.
-The 2nd is the 2nd picture [which is the same as the one posted here] on the second row.
-For the 3rd, you have to press the back button. Once you do, my picture is the last one on the last row.

ps: The pictures say posted by prettyragdoll. That's just my name on the Coachella message board

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