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Once again Coachella has come and gone; only this time around I'm a bit numb in my post-chella depression.

And to be clear, my numbness has no bearing on the festival itself. Because, Coachella was with out a doubt still amazing -- I just feel like the days flew by. And i dont mean that in an entirely good way. In part, I'm blaming this on the set times.

Out of all the bands I wanted to see, 90% of them were playing at the same time. And not just a mash up of, one band vs another. But more like... Main Stage vs Gobi vs Sahara. Or Main Stage vs Outdoor vs Mojave. [For those not up on their Coachella lingo: Outdoor, Gobi, Mojave & Sahara are the four other stages] And it sucked.

Beyond just having to pick one band to see and thereby missing at least two others... The fact that everyone I dearly wanted to see came on at roughly the same time meant that the rest of the time there would be no one I was overly excited to see.

So... That was a bit.... blah.

But the bands I did see were amazing! And of the bands I saw, the Yeah Yeah Yeahs thoroughly surprised me. I went to their set prepared to be underwhelmed, only to leave their set later then intended because of how good they were.

X was amazing. Which was awesome if you consider they're one of the original DIY Punk bands; while also being one of the only punk bands to never sell out. On top of that, every single member of the band was moving/dancing/jumping as if they were still the same age they were when they first started. And that is cool.

Other then all of the bands, the Art at Coachella this year was definitely top notch this year. From the Do Lab & the Bambo Piece, to the Hand of God and the flaming dragon... It was brilliant.

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