What I learned...

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Every day of ones life new things are learned. Considering that this is in fact a day [or rather, was a day] I too, have learned things today.

What you ask?

I've learned that...
1. LA as a whole is severely lacking in bike lanes. Not cool.
2. Carson is completely devoid of competent Starbucks Baristas.
- If you see me standing at the cash register, odds are I'd like to order.
- If I ask for an iced coffee and I'm the only customer in your store, odds are I'd like to have my drink before grey hair becomes a reality of my life.
- If I ask for syrup in my coffee, odds are I'd like to be able to taste it
3. Lastly, I've learned that there are rather significant holes in my music collection... That, more then anything else, is unacceptable.


VeganBattleBot said...

L.A. looks HORRIFIC for bicycles. Since I bicycle 99% of the time I commute anywhere, when I travel to another city, it's one of the first things I notice. L.A. is just, all kinds of sprawled and car-oriented, it seems. :\

SisterSafetyPin said...

I didn't realize how true this was until I moved to Sacramento and came back to LA for a visit