I'm a 20 something....

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Growing up in the 90s [or you know, simply living through it], we were force fed the same ideal. The idea of the 20-something and the culture that surrounds it.

To look at the movies, tv shows or even listen to the music of the time, painted a picture of what life as a 20-something would be. Coffee dates, dinner parties with copious wine, abhorrently boring temp jobs that manage to cover the cost of living in a the big city as well as any all misc. things of want, with a side of justifiable angst.

The reality of life is just a tad different. There are coffee dates with friends, sure. However, the economic situations we live in means that the scenes of easy living, spending and loving just aren't compatible with present day life.

Which isn't totally a bad thing. While we don't have the life where our biggest worry is whether the social dynamic in our group of friends remains untainted by random hook-ups and gossip... We are more aware.

The 90's were an easy time period. Or maybe I should say simpler? Since then there's been an explosion of life, via technology advances; [for better or worse, the generation below our does not remember a time before the internet]. Via war; [we started the War on Terror in 2001, only the fates know when it will end]. Via political changes; [two terms of Bush, with a side of a complete disregard of the people - thrust the young adult from their very firm stereotype of apathy to one of outcry].

The landscape of life has changed significantly for the 20-something since the 90s. Now, whether this change is through the further corrosion of the innocence that was youth, an explosion of youthful indignation, the natural progression of life, or a combination of the three.

No matter the reason, the fact remains that life as a 20-something has shifted. No doubt it will shift again by the end of 2020. However, that wont concern us. By that time we will be pushing, entering or emerging into our 30s. Only time will tell what we'll look like then.

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Fiona said...

I find that my ideal of 20-somethings that was formed as a teenager in the 90s is far different from how I am now as a 20-something in the new century. Funnily enough, I think we're less independent now than we were then - so many more of us choosing to stay at home with the olds for much longer without drawing any, or much, stigma. Although I do wonder as to whether the actual will ever live up to the ideal - I wonder what the teenagers now expect their 20s to be like?