Plan A

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Plan A. Does anyone ever wonder why Plan A is always the least likely to be successful? If you think about it, people who only have a Plan A are almost always considered ill prepared. No matter how well thought out the plan was, the people surrounding that person will shake there head and scoff.

Furthermore, when ever a person tells another what his or her plan is, their first comment is always.... "So what's plan B?" Some will even take it further and ask about Plans C - Z. However, at the very least Plan B is asked about.

Why is that? All through school, or life in general, people you encounter will always wax on about how your first thought is almost always the right one. In fact, there is even the term Freudian Slip. A term designated solely to an initial subconscious response, be it: thought, verbal, or physical.

So why then do people doubt the first plan that is created; whether it be their own or another person's? Could it be because of the high fail rate of the "Plan A," when there is no "Plan B"? And if that is the case, how does one explain such a high fail rate? Could it be a form of manifest destiny? Have people become so conditioned to doubt themselves and others that they automatically assume and plan for the worse? And if that is the case, is that a good or bad thing?

Should people start to save their best plans for letters B & C; thus insuring that the plan that works is the best one? Or should people simply have a little more faith in the success of the first try?

One wonders.


Auburn said...

Perhaps Plan A fails because it's the plan that takes the least amount of effort? Plan B is slightly more difficult to execute, plan C is near impossible and so on.... People will always go with the plan that is the easiest to follow through with, hence it may not be so solid, hence it's high probability of failure.

As for Lizzy the Lezzy. I had no idea what I was about to see when I clicked on the link via twitter. I was pleasently suprised though. Extremely funny.

Fiona said...

I'm such a Capricorn, so plan B is always a given for me. However, I usually work it so that plan A eventuates. I think what a lot of people forget (talking in macro and micro terms) the word plan in the whole phrase. Most of the "plan A"'s that I know of (read: witnessed in those around me) consist mainly of wishful thinking and no planning whatsoever. Totally wearing my organisational cap at the moment!

SisterSafetyPin said...


You know I didn't think of the fact that for quite a few people, Plan A is little more then wishful thinking. I guess that's just me thinking like a Virgo. When I make a Plan it's insanely detailed. So detailed in fact that if they fall through I often times just chalk it up as a loss and move on.

lol. You've given me something else to think about. Personality types and how they affect the planning process