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So I've been in Sacramento since August now and I spent the first...4 months utterly hating it here! Well not really. I spent the first 4 months in shock. This... cold, randomly cut off, insanely small and culturally bereft [in comparison to LA ] place is in California? These months of depression filled shock were made of the same rutine. School. Home. School. Home. Sleep for a few hours. School.

Oh right. Did I mention I was maxing about 10 hours a week of sleep?

It was an ugly, ugly time.

HOWEVER!! [cues trumpets and gorgeous angels playing the harp while singing] This semester seems to be looking up in a big way. I mean if you ignore the fact that my brain has decided to live in the constant state of migraine... Or you know, the sinus cold trying to kick my ass.... [Which we are.] I've got great classes, great teachers and most importantly [drum roll] I'm meeting cool people. Even if it's just fellow students that I'll talk to for 5 or so minutes as we leave class.... It's nice.

Or maybe, this sudden change in thought is due to the very near prospect of Spring. Which of course, brings with it the beginning of FESTIVAL SEASON!

I feel like I might have underplayed this very lovely time of the year. So let me paint the picture... [Now we're going to ignore the fact that it just rained for a week and a half straight with the highest median tempurture being somewhere around 55F] ... Flowers are starting to bloom; trees are starting to flirt with the color green; while the weather is still cold, the sun is starting to shine a little brighter on the freshly cleaned sidewalks; and with each day you can almost feel the sweat soaked shirt and the insanely wide grin you'll be wearing as your new favorite band plays your new favorite song.

Now yes, I realize this could all just be in my head [not in a crazy, i'm really in a straight jacket imagining everything kind of way], but in a 'No longer frighteningly depressed' kind of way. Either way... it's nice.

And to top the "Reasons why we love the coming of Spring" list is.... Well, the Music Festivals of course.  Spring is the season that officially kicks of the season of festivals.

I read an article yesterday that said the Sasquatch Music Festival taking place May 23rd - 25th in the Washington Gorge, kicked off the Festival season. Unfortunately that article was written by a journalist who never quite got a handle on the order of the months. For the first festival [here in the US, I haven't made it over seas yet] is the California king, Coachella Music and Arts Festival that will take place April 17 - 19th. Or if you're a die hard Coachella Experience fan and camper, April 16th - 20th. THEN comes Sasquatch, which admittedly has a pretty great line-up [so great in fact that if I can muster up a job between now and then I maybe heading to Washington that weekend]. And following quickly on the heals of Sasquatch will be BONNAROO Music and Arts Festival, which will be June 11-14 in Manchester, TN. Bonnaroo's line-up of course is the reason why, Sasquatch, though infinitely closer, will most likely not be happening for me this year.

There are quite a few other festivals going on this summer of course, but the above mentioned are the ones I'm most excited about. Mainly, because I've got tickets to two of them and if there's a way, the third will follow.

Now for an abrupt scene change

I applied for a camp councilor position about four weeks ago now.  However, while I've now had a phone interview and spoken with the guy in charge of hiring a few times [good conversations I might add; laughter was involved.] I  STILL haven't heard whether or not I've gotten the camp counicilor position. At this point, a simple yay or nay would suffice, because the SUSPENSE is annoying. Not killing me, just annoying.

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