Academic Crush

I realized today that I have one. An academic crush that is. Now I'm sure the first question on the tip of your tongue is.... 'What exactly do you mean by that?'

Well, give me a moment, because it took me two weeks to classify. See, it's all about my Coms Professor. She's rather brilliant and she fascinates me. I'm not sure what it is exactly, but every class my mind is dually tracked. One side avidly paying attention, taking notes and participating in whatever discussion we would be currently having in class. And through all of this, my mind will be trying to deconstruct her [my professor].

Through this process I've thoroughly convinced myself that she's a lesbian, because of a few different tells that I've noticed she has. Unfortunately this realization has only lead to even MORE quiet interest on my part. Now I find myself wondering what her partner is like. Because, I want to know what kind of woman would capture and keep her attention. Not because I'm secretly hoping to mold myself into whatever she wants... No no. I simply want to know.

And after I know all there is to know, I want to have discussions with her. About everything and nothing. I want to get her opinions on different things, maybe even argue on certain topics.

It's odd. I'm not sure if this uncalled for interest says something negative about my character or not. All I know is, it's there and I look forward to the class three days a week.\\

In other news - I'm now a firm believer in the Americano as the supreme king of coffee and espresso

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