They build buildings so tall these days...

1 am and I'm still wake.

Nothing out of the norm there. I decide.... What the hell, it's Friday, technically Saturday. The roommate's gone for the weekend. Why not a late night beer and cigarette? I get my beer from it's hiding place...No need for the roommate to be sneaking drinks. Sorry kid.

I decide to smoke outside. I open the door and...


Did I enter Silent Hill?

My apartment's on the top floor, even if that's only three stories up. And. I can't see the building next to mine. The ground is barely visible. All I can see clearly is the very thick white mist. I can feel it prickling on my skin.

And I'm amazed. It's the stuff mystery and horror books are made off.

I'm stuck staring at it.

Really... the most interesting things happens at night when all the sane people of the world are sleep.

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