Interesting day.

Like always it started with a massive cup of coffee. Unlike always... that cup of ambrosia led to a very painful stomach ache... Oh well. No pain, No gain.

However, despite my body deciding it would rather drink anything but coffee... I went to class today. Which, is quite the accomplishment even if the only reason I went was to drop of Homework that I've had for two weeks... And did last night.

I even managed to catch the bus to the post office so I could mail off my Secret Santa gift... 4 days to late.

Really it's becoming increasingly obvious that I've got a serious problem with procrastination. What's more, all of my best ideas come to me when I have no desire to write them down. Much in the same way some people's best ideas only come to them while high. If you think about it, we probably could have solved most of the worlds problems by now if we simply recorded our best ideas the minute they happened.

If nothing else... I'd have finished at least one book by now.

Oh well. It'll happen. Eventually.

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