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I can't believe I only updated this twice this month! Well, three now including this one... Which means I updated my blog 3 times in September... My birthday is September 3rd....


But in other news.. Morgan Webb of G4 fame came to my school and did a Q&A where she was super candid and super awesome.

Maybe I should tell you why she was awesome... In short, because she's real and honest. But what's, more she's absolutely a real gamer. She's tired of answering the 'Girl Gamer" question and Nintendo is a hilarious subject to get her started on. She's still all about the Android Nation and immediately recognized my Nexus for what it was [actually I think she has one too.]. However, I think what makes her even more awesome is the fact that the game she's most looking forward to right now is Fable 3.

I'M looking forward to Fable 3!

She was great though and it was so obvious that the only people that showed up for her Q & A session were gamers that watch G4. Which makes sense, how else would they know enough about her to care?

After the q&a however, she took pictures and gave autographs. I hate staged pictures. Especially ones that include me. So I wont be sharing that one.. But it just so happens that my phone must have been accidentally set to continuously shoot. So when I asked her to sign my phone [yes I like my autographs in random places, just ask M.I.A., she signed my wallet...]

I got this picture!

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