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Is this...

Wait no it couldn't be...

An update!?

Yes, Yes I know. The tales of my demise were woefully exaggerated! So here i sit at a Starbucks patio, listening to the Gossip [a band I can thank Coachella and an ex friend for convincing me to finally give them a chance] and I had the sudden urge to blog.

But about what? That status of my life? And update on the financial situation I find myself? Weather in Sacramento?

Why not all of the above?

So here we go... Life is... Interesting. As always it is a series of ups and downs. Greetings and goodbyes. Music and Books. And games I once thought horribly frustrating only to discover first impressions are not always the best.

After my 2 week stay in Long Beach I once again returned to Sacramento to discover the weather was exactly as I feared. Triple digits with no real respite at night. It was like being at Co-a-chella with out the pay off of live music. But I survived.


Sorry. But alas, the weather today is so... pleasant. It's hard to believe I'm still in Sac. And as for the money situation... lol. Yeah. Let's just say,I made the impossible possible. Even if all of the comforts have been cut out to make it happen. Wifi at home? Gone. Copious amounts of coffee at home? Don't think so. Money in the bank? Literally negative.

But food in the fridge? Yep.

On the music front, I've always known that I liked Tori Amos. I just never ventured past the point of knowing to having... That is until I rediscovered Happy Phantom and knew without a doubt that I NEEDED to own that album. I by need, I do mean need, that song makes me Happy. Which is fitting... You know, because of the name.

Books... I was gifted one by another SGI member and I'm eternally grateful. Any book lover knows that to be given a loved book from another book lover is about the highest form of flattery. After all, book lovers love their books. It's doubly amazing when the book you've been given has been out of print for 20 years and is in perfect condition.

Needless to say, I can't wait to really bury myself in it's theoretical goodness.

Finally games... Games... Xbox 360... How I love you. When Mass Effect first came out, it was given to me as a Christmas present by a really good friend of mine. Unfortunately, at the time I had the attention span of a gnat fly and the patience of a toddler. Needless to say, I wasn't digging the scifi rpg. But that was then. And now? That game has entered the Pantheon of Bioshock and Fable II to become one of my favorites. [Speaking of games.. OMFG I CAN'T WAIT FOR FABLE III[/endgeekout] ]

Yes I know.... short list. But I'm picky in all things.

And... That's it. I've exhausted my list of updates and now I'll resume my usual programming.

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bk said...

*pokes* YOU?!
I expect a long email explaining your whereabouts, whereaboutsactivities and whereaboutfriends. Yes? Yes?

Also, someone is having a birthday soon - you still live at your place or do you have a new adress?

Eternally pleased to see you're happy.