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Long walks on the beach...


Just kidding.

No really though... My newest hobby is one born out necessity. Actually I'm not even sure it counts as a hobby...What is a hobby anyway? I mean, what counts under the official header of the word?

Let's pause while I open a new tab and ask the almighty Google that question...

So Ok.. Google, got crazy technical with the first definition.

Hobby: [a]avocation: an auxiliary activity. [b] A hobby is an activity or interest that is undertaken for pleasure or relaxation, often in one's spare time.

Ah, the second definition is the winner. But more importantly, it affirms my original thought... I have a new hobby.

What is this new hobby? I hear you ask... Simple really. My new hobby involves me waiting until the sun has stopped torturing the Earth with it's obnoxious Summer heat... And then waiting a little longer, depending on what I'm doing when the sun finally goes down... Walking to Starbucks, and freeloading off of their internet for 2 to 3 hours.

It's really quite nice.

It combines a few of my favorite things into one. Night - Cold Weather - and the information overload known commonly as - the Internet.

Once again I must state: Yes. I am a geek.

Actually I'm about to confirm that a little more and make myself sound truly said... In the past 3 weeks I've played Mass Effect twice and have started my 3rd playthrough on the Veteran setting [I'm going for 100% Achievement completion]... Read 3 books with a 250 page minimum... And added to a new story in single sentence increments...

Actually... That just makes me sad.


Oh well.

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