Sometimes We Start Over

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My oh My it's been almost exactly a month since I've given a gloriously random and yet some how unimportant update on the state of things in the ever interesting life of me.

[Like that run-on, do you?]

And really, I've got no excuse. The best way I can describe things is to put it they way I did when talking to some friends not to long ago... Ever feel like your really busy only to discover it's all in your head?


I guess it's like.... The feeling you get when you say there aren't enough hours in the day, only to discover in retrospect that you can't really name anything of significant importance that was done? That's what I mean.

But things are good. Really good. I've found that with the cooling weather has come a slower state of mind. The song, "Steady as She Goes" comes to mind in an attempt to describe it. Not because of the specific lyrics of the song. But the name.

I've started walking to school. Which is a tad ridiculous considering I was waiting with a baited breath for the weather to start to cool so I could enjoy the ride more. However, I've really just... slowed down. And what better way to enjoy the change of pace then to walk slow with music in your ear?

I've been thinking more, analyzing things if you will. You wouldn't believe the craziness I managed to submerge myself in. Ever been called by every person you ever dated within the course of a few days? No? It's an odd game of be careful what you wish for.

But it also helps you to address certain issues that are yours alone. You remember the person you were with each of them and assess whether you've changed at all. Hopefully the answer is yes. You also cross your fingers and hope you don't regress.

I almost did. That on top of other things lead to a couple days of mania. But with the change in pace comes a change in outlook. A fresh start if you will.

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