Born Free

M.I.A, Born Free from ROMAIN-GAVRAS on Vimeo.

I know, I know... Still no Coachella 2010 recap! Actually I'm pretty positive you guys are glad about that. I mean, can I wax on or what?

Well I'm sorry if music excites me.

And right now, nothing is exciting me more then the fact that it appears that M.I.A. is back. Clearly, the above video is well, a video and not a photo that I've taken. Well this is a music video [actually I hesitate to call it a music video. Let's call it a mini movie.] Directed by Romain Gavras. In this video, M.I.A.'s first song off of her still untitled and yet to be released newest album called, Born Free.

Now there's much discussion going on about this video. Some are calling it to violent. Some say that it's to sensationalized. Some are going so far as to call M.I.A. a hypocrite.

My take, if you haven't already cottened on... I think it's about time M.I.A. went back to talking politics in her music instead of doing over produced singles with Timbaland. This video speaks to what's going on in the world by bringing proximity. People are saying that this video makes M.I.A. a hypocrite because of how violent it is when she speaks non violence. But more then non-violence, M.I.A. wants people to be aware. And in this video if you substitute the red-heads for any sub-group in existence today, it would show reality.

Honestly, the only way this video could be MORE real is if she used an actual clip of what most would consider 'war crimes' and yet are becoming more and more common practice.

Some people took an overly literal take of this video and said this video is anti-American. However, if you take the cops [or military] in the video and give them accents... They could be any super power in the world. If you dress them differently, they could be any 'terrorist' group in the world.

My opinion? This video is a super shiny mirror. And a lot of people are disturbed by what they see.

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