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Updates make the heart grow fonder.

Or rather, absence makes the heart grow fonder and updates remind you that it's never as good as you remember it to be... haha.

So last night I went to a mini going away party for a friend that's moving to Chicago today. It was good times and just the way I always envisioned my 20s. Surrounded by friends, music, coffee and alcohol. And as I fell asleep last night I came to the realization... The life I've always seen myself living is very much in Sacramento.

This is something that I've been reluctant to admit to myself. Mainly because of all the drama that it WILL cause. Moving to Sacramento was meant to be a temporary just for school thing. And even then, it was frowned upon.

Oh well. If I'm going to be telling people to do what makes them happy, I better be backing it up in my own life.


ps: I'm getting kind of good at this Point & Shoot thing, no? Almost like I know what I'm doing.

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